Parents as Learning Partners: Affinity Groups at BNS

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Dear Families:

In two weeks our Parents As Learning Partners session will be on a Monday.  This will be one we have never done before. We want to talk about the various Affinity Groups that are a part of the culture of our school.  These groups have developed organically and have become important, each in their own right.

Right now, we have four groups, but who knows?  In the future, there might be more or different ones.  Most of these groups are for our third to fifth grade students, but at least one includes children as young as six.  These groups are Conversations of Color led by Malika, Sally and Nneka, the GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) led by Cora and Jessica, Disabilities Activists & Allies led by Laura and Kristel, and the Adoption Group led by myself, Anna.

On Monday, April 1, we will tell you more.  We will talk about how these groups came to be, why we think they are important, how often they meet, and what each group does.  We will share ideas. We look forward to an informative and powerful morning.

All for now,






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