Our Busy Season

Dear Families:


Welcome back from a chilly spring break.  We look forward to a productive few months full of inquiry and joy and learning.  Please stay connected with BNS and make a point of knowing everything that’s happening.  


Our busy season begins tomorrow with a Parents As Learning Partners session in the art room where Shirley and others will give you insight into the math curriculum for grades two to four.  This is a must participate session.


The New York State ELA exams are on Wednesday and Thursday while the state math tests will be on May 1 and 2.  Third, fourth and fifth grade parents should make sure your child’s teacher knows your decision about whether your child will participate in the state tests.


Our busyness continues  on Saturday evening with the BNS Bid Bash, a fun filled night at Littlefield, 635 Sackett Street.  Enjoy Saturday night while supporting the PTA in its never ending efforts to raise funds to sustain the ever present science and arts programs here at BNS.  

Next Tuesday, Diane and I will meet with fifth grade parents for your final parent breakfast and a chance to talk about closing out the year.

Another date to add to your calendar is May 12 when you will want to hang out at BNS. That Saturday will feature the Learn to Bike program and MakerFest.   Here is a opportunity to get your youngster on a two wheeler bicycle. Learn to Bike is a truly remarkable program in which many a child figures out balance and biking in just a couple of hours under the guidance of bicycle educator experts.  When they have had enough of biking, your children will love crafting, using technology, and making things during our annual MakerFest. Biking and creating!

What more could you ask for?


All for now,




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