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Dear Families:


We embark on one of our favorite weeks here at the Brooklyn New School: Museum Week.  Make a point of getting to the museum this week. You need not go to Manhattan. It’s right here at BNS.  Want to learn more about Africa? Come to the Third Grade West Africa Museum, open in the third grade classrooms from 12:00 to 2:30 on February 6 and in the morning of February 7.  Want to learn more about the Eastern Woodlands Native Americans? Come to the Fourth Grade Eastern Woodlands Museum on the afternoon of February 7 or the morning of February 8.

And if this week is just too busy for you, do not despair.  Why not learn about the Maya at the Fifth Grade Maya Museum during the afternoon of the 13th or the morning of the 14th.  After all here at BNS, it is not just Museum Week, it is Museum Month.

Following the third and fifth grade museums are our annual PBAs – Performance Based Assessments.  Students will share their learning and discuss their process for a panel of interested adults – and you’re invited!  Read more about PBAs here, or sign up for a third grade panel here.  Fifth grade panel sign-ups are coming soon, fourth grade panels will take place later in the spring.

And that is not all it is.  It is also time for the Fourth Grade Musical, being performed the evening of February 13th.  


We are certainly busy!


All for now,




A reminder: With this chilly winter weather comes the need to wear lots of warm gear – hats, scarves, gloves, boots, and more.  We want to remind you of the importance of writing your child’s name into each and every item he or she brings to school, so that if items get separated from children, we can easily return them.  It really makes a difference when we find a lost item with a name in it!


Poem of the Week by Nia Ayinde, first grader in Janet and Bill’s class:

Down comes the sun

And out comes the rain.

Every day you wake up in the sun.

Every day you go out in the park.

You find a friend.

And the sun is out

And every day you have a morning

That is the best day that can come true.





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