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As we enter the last few days of January, we become aware of how much our students have learned.   And in the month of February you will have the chance to see what all of this learning looks like.  This week on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, the fourth grade will present its Native American Museum.  Then two weeks later in the afternoon of the 13th and morning of the 14th, the third grade will showcase the West Africa Museum.  February 14th will be very busy what with the third grade museum in the morning and the fifth grade Maya Museum in the afternoon.  Closing out before winter break, the Maya Museum will also be open the morning of the 15th.  


See below photos of fourth graders getting ready for the big day:




















If you haven’t yet seen one of our extensive museums yet, I assure you that they are worth a visit.  Classrooms turn into museums (and theatres) and become alive with the culture and lifestyle of another place and time.  The exhibit is not set up by class, but instead each room represents a different theme. A child presents his exhibit in the room, which fits with his study, exploration, and project.  Behold all the incredible projects, but note too, how much the children can tell you.  They have truly become experts.


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Quote of the Week:


Kori and Jenn’s kindergarten class was talking and reading about Dr. Martin Luther King.  They just finished a page from Martin Luther King Day by Linda Lowery, “There were some people, though, who did not agree with Dr. King’s words. They tried to stop him from doing his work by putting him in jail.”  Truman Rey’s hand shot up, “But how can they put him in jail for just talking?”

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