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Dear Families:

We wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy, healthy, restful holiday break in the coming days. 

We know that December is a month in which families traditionally get together. We can only imagine that at least some of you may be planning to be with relatives and friends in indoor spaces, though we know this is a year and a holiday season unlike any other in our collective histories. 

We must acknowledge that we are still in this pandemic and that the COVID case numbers continue to rise in New York.  We all must keep this in mind as we plan our holiday time.  We remind each other that indoor or unmasked gatherings increase the risk of exposure to COVID-19, and in hopes of good health for all of us, we ask that we all remain cautious during this holiday season.

If you do travel out of state and spend time with others, please remember that a two week quarantine is needed before returning to in-person school.  As well, we encourage everyone in your household to get a COVID test.  See NY State Guidance for additional details. 

Even if you stay home, but spend the holidays indoors with people outside of your household, a two-week quarantine and a negative COVID-19 test is highly recommended to keep us all safe upon our return to school.

If you do need to keep your children at home until mid January, they can certainly still participate in school remotely, without needing to make any changes to their learning preference/cohort letter.  Please just be in touch with their crew leaders in early January.

By following the guidelines, we as a community can work together to keep Brooklyn New School open and safe.  We will see you in 2021.

With wishes for moments of joy for you and your children,

Anna and Diane and Malika

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