Mix It Up Days

Dear Families:


This week and next Monday while parents meet with teachers to share their stories of their children, we meet with your children.  We spend the morning going over the basics of school: arrivals, lunch, recycling, dismissal, affinity groups, community and more. We start in the auditorium with a whole grade meeting and then break up into smaller groups where we continue this work of getting to know each other.  


Children are randomly sorted with kids from other classes and have the opportunity to participate in six different experiences, working with our PE teachers, Victor and Brandon, our Wellness Fun teacher, Monique, our Sustainability folks, Johanna and Martha, the school social worker, Joseph, our guidance team, Dalisa and Andrea, our AP, Diane, and our principal, Anna.  We learn about collaboration, kindness, point of view, and other big ideas, all of which help us as we work together with each other. We call this time, “Mix It Up.”


On Wednesday, in memory of this day eighteen years ago, we sang songs of peace.  All of these experiences become a part of that which makes BNS BNS.  


Our new members of the community are just beginning to figure this out, but their impressions speak volumes.  As Cora Sarach, a new student in Sarah and Skye’s class told her mom after day one, “BNS is more like a drop off play place than a ‘real’ school!”  Freddie Glaser, a new third grade child in Katherine’s class put it this way, “I keep forgetting I’m in school. This feels more like camp.”


All for now,



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