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Dear Families:


We wanted to write about the many folks who are working to help us maintain small class size, social distancing, remote learning and more.  In addition to the flexibility of our educational assistants and teachers, we also benefit from lots of folks who are working on a daily basis to support our young learners.  These additional staff members have made it possible for teachers to teach remotely.  They also allow us to have some of our children here at school every day.  


Many thanks to each of them.  


Amantina Lora is a Crew leader in Pre-k. Amantina has been working  here for the last three years. In addition to being a frequent presence at BNS, Amantina also did her student teaching with us.  Amantina enjoys working with young children as they explore the world around them. 


This is Matt Hall’s second year working with BNS. His daughter, Lucia, graduated from our school in 2020 after seven (7!) years at 610 Henry Street. Matt has worked as a writer for 20 years and, when not at school, he coaches soccer with Brooklyn City FC.  He is delighted to work with the Kindergarten.


Also in kindergarten is Musawenkosi Matiwane.  Musa, a graduate of both Brooklyn New School and Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, just received his Bachelors from Oberlin College where he played baseball while studying urban sustainability in the Environmental Studies program. After many years away from 610 Henry St, Musa is excited to return!


Armando Perez was a student teacher at BNS and continued on with us as a substitute teacher. This is his second year at BNS, but Armando has been a part of the BNS community a long time.  In addition to teaching our first graders, Armando is the husband of kindergarten teacher, Valerie.  His daughter, Joscelyn, attends fourth grade at BNS.


Working with the third graders is Kana Leonard, another graduate of both Brooklyn New School and Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies.  Kana recently graduated from Rutgers University where she studied Dance Performance with a focus on Choreography, while also receiving her 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teaching Certification. Kana is happy  to rejoin the heartwarming community at The Brooklyn New School and  is excited to uplift the new generation of BNS students!


In fourth grade, we have Aria Rivera. Aria has been a BNS parent for 11 years and started working here last year as a sub. Aria has also worked at other schools as a para. Her two oldest children, Pilar and Assad, have graduated while her youngest, Bassil, is another member of the fourth grade community.  Aria will be continuing her work as a photographer and art therapist on the days she is not with us. 


Taimar Branch is working with grade five.  Born on a tiny Island called Barbados, Taimar migrated to the USA when she was just eight years old with her mother, Margaret, (a BNS educational assistant) and her two brothers. Traveling and outdoor activities are some of the things Taimar loves to do.  Her daughter, Sybil, is in the third grade at BNS.  Taimar has been working with children for over ten years and she looks forward to many more great and wonderful years ahead.


Finally, Brook Garrison, is supporting us in a variety of ways so that we can easily cover classes when others are out.  Her daughter, Delilah, is in the fourth grade and has joyfully attended BNS since kindergarten.  In 1997 Brook received a BFA in theater from NYU. After earning a teaching certificate, she taught English for many years on the Navajo Nation in Arizona where she developed a quick wit and fun-loving sense of humor.  Brook’s hobbies include photography, museums, and going on epic adventures in the city. 


Many thanks to each of them for making the BNS staffing plan possible! 


All for now,


Anna and Diane and Malika


Quote of the Week:

On the very first day of kindergarten,  Matt’s crew was using Unifix cubes. Hanae Shiina worked alongside Mia Mejia and Eva Lucia.  When asked to describe the pattern the girls had made, Hanae said, “These are my Corona cubes and the virus going down.” Once her classmates saw and heard about this, they all went off to make their own version of these patterns. 



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