Many Reasons to Visit the BNS/BCS Library

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Dear Families:

It was a busy week in the library when the space was converted into the Annual Book Fair.  At the close of the week, we added nearly $3500 worth of books to classroom and library collections!   

There was amazing support from both BNS and BCS family volunteers- over 10 volunteers gave their time to bring this bookstore to our school.

When Kaelah, BCS 11th Grader and BNS/BCS Library Intern, entered the library after the book fair was boxed up and the library returned to its usual state, she exclaimed, “My library’s back!”

Congratulations to Susan, Monique, Karen and Amanda for another successful book fair.

Check out this quick video: 4 Reasons to Visit the BNS/BCS Library.

Put it in your calendar: Parents As Learning Partners, scheduled for the morning of November 7.  Meet us in room 401 (the Library) to learn more about this incredible resource here at 610 Henry Street.  


All for now,


Quotes of the Week:

Levi Ullman a second grade child in Andrew and Greta’s class asked his mom, “Have you heard of Cardi B Hall?”  Mom responded, “Do you mean Carnegie Hall or Cardi B?” Levi explained, “It’s Cardi B Hall. David, our music teacher, wants to take us there.“

Overheard by Steve in the ballfield at the end of third grade recess: “Kickball is more fun when you have a referee,” remarked Leo Steckel  (a student in Malika’s class) to a friend. Leo was used to second grade recess where kids played without adults intervening, and not third grade recess where Anna is the umpire.  And Leo said this despite being on the losing team!






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