“Love this night”

Dear Families:


Yesterday evening, many fourth grade parents came to BNS to learn what the new year will bring.  Teachers shared lots of information covering a wide range of topics such as reading, writing, math, social studies, project time, PBAs, science, homework, and trips.  Fourth grade teachers met with parents in their individual classrooms and then convened as a whole group to discuss the big themes of grade four.


Tonight, most of the kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade and fifth grade classes will present their curriculum.  As with grade four, third and fifth grade teachers will talk to you in a whole group. The younger grades will meet class by class.  


Two classrooms have postponed their event to 5:00 on Thursday.  These include Mary Ann’s kindergarten and Abby and Sarah’s first grade.


Lastly, our Pre-k teachers will share their words of wisdom this Thursday morning.    

It is an important meeting.  Make a point of being there.

All for now,




Quote of the Week:

After Curriculum Night,  Hugo Sevcenko’s mom exclaimed, “Love this night.”






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