Library Love

Dear Families,

November is the month in which we begin the process of sharing what we know about your children with you.  Fall parent teacher conferences are an opportunity for teachers to convey information about your child and the first few months of school. As well, the conferences present a chance to spend time setting academic and social goals for the months ahead.  It is extremely important that every family participate in this process and that there is this open communication. We offer many dates and times for these meetings as we know how difficult it can be for many families to schedule these conferences. Please look out for a scheduling invite from your child’s teacher and make a point of setting up that meeting.

Join us this week on Thursday morning in the Library, room 401, for another Parents As Learning Partners session, Library Love.

Hear from Susan, Amanda, and Karen about one of our most important resources here at 610 Henry Street.  Learn how our children use the Library and how we are connected to the larger Brooklyn Public Library system.  Room 401 is an amazing space. Learn more about it, this Thursday.


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