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Dear Families:


You may not be at BNS today, but don’t forget that we have planned yet another busy week for parents.  Join us tomorrow, Wednesday morning in the Library, room 401, for Library Love. Hear from Susan, Amanda, and Karen about one of our most important resources here at 610 Henry Street.  Learn how our children use the Library and how we are connected to the larger Brooklyn Public Library system.  Room 401 is an amazing space. Learn more about it, tomorrow morning.


On Thursday, it is time for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade parents to think about math. Come find out what children are doing in math class at the Brooklyn New School.  Please join Shirley, Beth and Diane for an activity filled workshop, where you will learn about the tools your children use to solve problems.   Participation will leave you ready to go home to partner up with your young mathematician! Come to Room 311!

Finally on Friday, we will repeat this math experience, this time working with third and fourth grade parents on elementary school math.  Come to Room 311 ready to learn about third and fourth grade math tools, problems and strategies. We look forward to engaging with you in elementary math!

Remember, books and numbers await you this week at BNS.


All for now,








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