“Jennifer, Is That the Girl in the Book?”

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Dear Families:

What a busy and exciting weekend.

It began on Friday with author, Jacqueline Woodson’s visit to 610 Henry Street.  Jacqueline talked with our students and read ‘This is the Rope’. This was a powerful moment, organized by our wonderful librarians, Susan, Amanda and Karen, and shared by second to ninth grade students.  When Jacqueline arrived at the school, she walked by Jennifer Garcia’s pre-k students who were getting ready to go to the playground. Jennifer told the children that Jacqueline was the woman who wrote the book they had read, This is the Rope. Upon hearing this, Angel Lumchan asked, “Jennifer, is that the girl in the book?”

It continued on Saturday with a wonderful MakerFest.  Thanks to AnnMarie Matava for her leadership in this endeavor.  Thanks too to Elizabeth Stoltenberg for making this happen.  And thanks to the many people who came.  How powerful to see children and adults engaged in hands on activities, all without the use of a little handheld device.  Whether it was the making of stress balls, the shaking of butter, the felting, the collaging, the printmaking, the spin art, the knitting, the production of smoothies or the creation of jewelry and so much more, we could see the power of making something with just your hands.  This is a tradition that must continue. Thanks to the many parents who made it possible.

It ended on Sunday at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum where many a third grade project from the West Africa Museum was unveiled.  Make a point of going to the museum in the next two months so you can see what all the fuss is about.

Each of these events speak to the power of our school and community!   That power continues this Friday evening at 5:30 when we will gather with BCS families to share international foods from our diverse backgrounds.  It’s a fun filled yummy night. You will eat well while you learn about the food traditions of families at 610 Henry Street. Be on the lookout for emails and do participate. Can you bring a dish or volunteer at the event?  Sign up here!    

We hope you will join us on Wednesday morning for our next Parents As Learning Partners session.  Our focus will be technology. We will be looking at how technology both strengthens and hurts us.  We will show how we use technology here at school and discuss its place in the learning process. We will also talk about technology at home and how the screen has become a part of family life.  

Our goal for this workshop is to help parents find the balance between screens being on and off. Teachers will share ways to develop a media literacy plan for your family, while also talking about how technology opens doors for our students.

Come to this workshop ready to hear from experts: teachers at BNS.  Come as well with your own thoughts and suggestions regarding the screen in your lives at home.  Come ready to learn!

We share now some words of wisdom from Oliver Sacks.  

All for now,



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