It Was 20 Years Ago Today…

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Dear Families:

Recently, Catherine Kunicki, mother to Theodora Kunicki, reached out, sharing the featured photographs. Theodora is remembered fondly even though it appears that she graduated from BNS almost twenty years ago in June of 2001.  Now we know time flies!  

Catherine, of course, was happy to share news of our former student.  Theodora is currently a third year astrophysics PhD student at Brown University.  Ah, what will our graduates get up to?

As we look towards the end of a most difficult year, it gives us joy to hear about our little ones when they are big.  We look at the back of Theodora’s t-shirt, recognizing many names and even knowing what some of them are doing.  And yes, we are very proud that Theodora is an astrophysics PhD student.  It was only twenty years ago that she was a BNS fifth grader.

And we wonder, twenty years from now, what will we learn about the class of 2021?

All for now,

Anna, Diane and Malika

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