“I want to be an everything”

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Dear Families,

A chill in the air and crunchy leaves on the ground, it is truly fall. Today is AppleFest, a long-standing BNS/BCS tradition, a celebration of unity and togetherness. We hope to see you at 610 Henry St later today. 

In a community as large as ours, it takes active work, reflection, and honest conversations to connect, collaborate, and learn together. Over nearly 20 years of AppleFests, there have been pies and chili, challenges and successes, and the creation of a history, with memories both beautiful and difficult. We are eager to see the photos of joy this year, our masked moments in time during this time like no other. 

This year, we will retire the name, AppleFest, with a vision to rebrand our fall festival as 610 Unity Fest in the fall of 2022. Our shared building leadership teams will guide the transition to new traditions and an aligned focus on community building. We invite you to the table for an AppleFest debrief later this month, to process what we can learn from the many iterations of this event, and to hopefully begin the process of mending old wounds while building something new together. 

In our time together this fall with your children at BNS,  we have worked hard to get to know our learners using our own tried and true methods, assessments and various screening tools to help learn more about your little ones, form groups, and begin essential work to make sure they’re set up for success. In our conferences this month, we know you are working with teachers to set goals for their learning and their emotional development, and to discuss what you’ve seen so far this school year.  Those conferences are so important as we continue our partnership this year, and we encourage every family to attend. And this week, we will commence a DOE-mandated academic screening, called Acadience.  Children in grades K-5 will be screened 1:1 in reading, and will complete a math screening as well. This data must be entered into a centralized database. We aren’t sure what happens next, but we know there are two more waves of these screenings planned for the next two seasons of our school year. 

We will do everything we can to approach this requirement with the same care and planning we bring to everything else we do. We’ve hired substitute teachers, connected to our community, to support these screenings, to avoid disruption to classroom time as much as we can. 

With everything that comes our way during this time of tumult and transition, we hold your children highest in our planning, our decisions, and our hearts. 

And last, a scene from the upper big yard this week:

Builders began their work on bike sheds in the playground area, near Rapelye Street. Separated by the bike racks for safety, several PreK children sit and watch, transfixed through the bars. Johanna notices them and asks Josephine, from Skye’s class, “do you maybe want to be a builder when you grow up?” “No, Johanna,” Josephine says. “I want to be an everything.” 

In community,


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