“I like who you are, just the way you come.”

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Dear Families:

Welcome back.  As we enter into a new year, we want to take a moment to reflect on conflict and disagreement and how we negotiate these negative feelings in school.  We do so by sharing a vignette from a moment with two children in Bill and Janet’s first grade.

Nola Clarke and Danielle Sarfati had an argument during recess and came running up to Sandy, the Para, asking for help.

Danielle said, “Nola is being mean and she is upset at me.”  Nola explained, “She keeps screaming I am a liar and I don’t like it!” Danielle responded, “She keeps making things up and saying she did this and she bought this or went here and she didn’t.” Nola acknowledged this, “I like to make things up sometimes and create things I don’t do, I like to use my imagination and say I did things or bought things. What’s wrong with this?” Danielle answered, “Nothing is wrong with it, it’s just that I like you the way you are.  You don’t need to make things up, I like who you are, just the way you come.”

(photos are other first graders enjoying recess)

The power of their six year old words, the power of their imagination and their joy.  The power of their willingness to express ideas. Most importantly, the power of their mutual respect, their ability to work through a conflict and their words:  “I like to use my imagination,” “I like who you are, just the way you come.” Let’s treasure that attitude in the year 2019.

Happy New Year!



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