How Much Everyone has Been Doing These Past Weeks and Months

Dear Families:


Spending yesterday perusing the Pre-K June Share Sites and today learning so much about science and sustainability at Ecorama and taking a moment to learn about bees and horseshoe crabs, trees, clouds and more is making us realize how much everyone has been doing these past few weeks and months. 

Do be sure to go to all of the June Share sites.  There are many so don’t worry if you can’t look at everything, but do look and encourage your child to engage with the material.  It will keep you busy.  


Tomorrow you will get to see kindergarten and third grade work along with art from all of the grades.  Thursday opens up the fourth grade and first grade galleries while on Friday, we can see what second and fifth grade have been up to.  


Make a point of at least visiting your children’s grade level and the grades they will be in next year. 


Start looking now and keep looking.  The sites will be up in the summer.




Anna and Diane

















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