“How are we going to get it across next time?!”

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Dear Families:


On Mondays and Thursdays, third graders spend their recess time in the Big Yard.  Some play on the climbers up top, some play tag throughout the yard, and some focus in on areas like the mud kitchen and the meadow, for building and digging.  


This past Monday, a group of third graders were building a shelter on the platform in the mud kitchen.  Emmanuel, Desi and Jadiel found a sizable log that they wanted to move from the meadow (the area closest to the highway in the Big Yard) to the mud kitchen (across the yard, closer to the building).  No one child could lift the log, nor could they lift it as a trio to get it up and over the low wall of the meadow. 


Thinking quickly, Jadiel spotted a metal dustpan, often used for gathering things swept up in the yard.  He put the edge under the log and pressed down, noting that the log popped up. With great excitement, he shouted, “Guys!! It’s a SIMPLE MACHINE!!” and his friends took off in search of other dustpans to complete this feat.  Moments later, they’d managed to pop the log up onto the edge of the meadow wall, and using the concept of pivoting, worked to drop it down onto the yard blacktop below.  


Unfortunately, the time was now 11:58, time to blow the whistle.  Rolling the log (which was not round) wasn’t feasible, so they ended recess with their log on the ground, and a big question:


Collaboration, natural building materials, and physics: All in a day at recess.


 All for now,


Anna & Diane





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