From Reggio Emilia to Brooklyn

Dear Families:


It seems like every day the news about the Coronavirus is changing with Governor Cuomo’s declaration of a state of emergency on Saturday only furthering our sense of uncertainty.  Despite this, we are reassured because of the continuous flow of information from the Chancellor and the Mayor’s office. The Department of Health is following the Coronavirus closely and is sending constant updates as policy and plans change in response to new information.  We have received numerous directives and know that the city is working tirelessly to keep its citizens healthy and safe. We will continue to forward all of the emails that we receive from the Chancellor. Please read them as they are full of information.  


For now, schools are open and trips are on.  If there is a directive to close our building or cancel trips, we will do so as needed.  


We do know that each and every one of us has to monitor our individual health carefully.  Please do not send a sick child to school and remember the policy of waiting 24 hours after a fever has broken.  If a child blooms a fever at school, make sure some one is available to pick them up.

Please note that our school nurse, Sandra, and our head custodian, Manny, are being given resources (supplies and finances) so they can monitor student health and keep our building clean.  


Last Thursday, Teaching Beyond the Square hosted a conference on early childhood education in our auditorium.  Over three hundred educators from all over the country listened and learned, but the presenters were not on our stage.  Instead, they were across the ocean streaming from the town of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Due to the Coronavirus, these experts were quarantined in their city, but nevertheless the show went on and three hundred educators learned from their wisdom, thanks to our tech man extraordinaire, Ed, and the internet.   

We hope to see you all at MakerFest this Saturday, Pi Day. Come ready for some hands-on, Reggio-inspired activities.  

As of now, there is one event that has been postponed, and that is Grandparents’ Day. We will miss the grandparents for now, as their presence in our classes always brings a smile to our faces.  More details to follow about a date later in the school year.


Attached to this letter are some helpful links regarding the Coronavirus. 


Here’s hoping that everyone in all of your families is feeling healthy and well. 

All for now,

Anna and Diane


Quote of the Week:

Savannah Foy, a student in Mary Ann’s kindergarten class was in the office with Mona, her grandmother.  She was making imaginary popcorn out of paper and offered a piece to Barbara. Barbara pretended to swallow and gag on the popcorn.  Savannah asked, “Too much salt?”


Coronavirus links:

Mayor de Blasio Provides Updates on New York City’s COVID-19 Response

Updates from the DOE

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention






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