Exhuberant (Virtual) Chaos

Dear Families:

It’s May, the month in which 610 Henry Street is abuzz with energy and production.  Oh, how we miss the sound of children’s voices, talking, singing, yelling, and just plain being.  It’s hard not to be a part of all that wonderful exuberant chaos.  

And yet it is still May, and within this month and the next, even as we remain in quarantine, we begin the work of closing out the school year and celebrating that which we have accomplished.  Plans for June include a virtual Field Week (expanded from the Field Day/Park Day we all look forward to each year), Ecorama, June Share, and Fifth Grade Graduation.  Somehow, we will attempt to come together to say good bye to the 2019- 2020 school year.  

This coming together begins this week with two special events.  Join us on Wednesday afternoon at 5:00 for the Virtual Premiere of Interrupting Bigotry and on Friday afternoon at 1:40 for an important presentation on the Corona Virus, brought to you by the BNS Government Club.


Interrupting Bigotry is a workshop supported by BNS and Brooklyn Arts Exchange/BAX and directed by teaching artist, José Joaquin Garcia. Our students, all fifth graders, have written a script, which illustrates a moment in their lives when they detect and challenge bigotry with the help of you, the audience.

 Using the Brazilian theatre artist, Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, José as the “Joker” will invite audience members to help these young people conceive of different ways to interrupt and redirect those experiences.  This interactive performance is open to all ages.

We have recorded the performance, and José will stop the action to ask the audience to contribute solutions. There will be time for an open conversation among viewers and participants. 

Remember to also zoom into Zoom on Friday afternoon for another presentation from the BNS Government Club.  This time, they will be telling all of you (parents and kids)  what they have learning about COVID-19.  Please join us to learn about the virus and to see how our young people understand what is going on.  


All for now,

Anna and Diane 

Quote of Week:

From third grade’s Stop Motion Video Viewing Party, in the Chat:

“This is really cool.”

“Yes, but I still like school better.”


Dateline:  Check Konstella for complete Zoom Links

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