Every Museum Should Do That!

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Dear Families:


There was so much to observe and enjoy at the annual BNS museums.   We learned about West Africa, the Eastern Woodlands Native Americans and the Maya. Many a child was available to give a tour or present a project. Students proudly described their work, easily sharing what they had learned.


















Older children talked with younger children, making big ideas accessible.  The interactive components of the museum were fun. Every museum should do that!


In addition to the projects, there was written work, making for a lot of reading for museum visitors.  



If you are interested in learning more about this exciting curriculum, consider signing up to be on a panel for the fifth grade Performance Based Assessments, which are starting on Thursday.  Click here to learn more about PBAs.

Congratulations to the third graders who just finished doing their first performance based assessment.

Quote of the Week:

Just before break, Nancy and Alex’s third grade class finished Stone Fox, the class read aloud. In the tear-filled conversation about the author’s purpose, Brandon Esper shared his deep and profound thinking: “You have to learn how to let go of things because they’re not going to be there forever.”

All for now,






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