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Dear Families:

We hope that the written progress reports were informative and helpful, giving you a clear picture of your child’s progress in school.  Please read and reread them as they are chock full of information. Read them, knowing that in the month of March you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher.  Make a point of scheduling that parent teacher conference and of finding the time to sit down with the person or people who know your child best in school.

We believe that these meetings are essential and that is why we take so much time to do them. You are certain to have some questions and wonderings about your child’s academic performance. At the parent teacher conference, please ask those questions.  Come prepared to ask and to see. You will both talk with the teacher and look at the work that has been done here at BNS.

May this time be meaningful and helpful and may you leave this meeting with a sense of who your child is as a student, and a knowledge of how your child is doing.  And if there are concerns, may this meeting be one in which you and the teachers develop a plan for moving forward!

All for now,


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