Doing What’s Right for Each Child

Dear Families:

It’s January, the month in which we take a moment to step back and determine how each of our students are doing this school year.  To this end, some of you will be receiving phone calls or letters in which we ask to meet with you so we can discuss your child’s progress.  These meetings are important as they will give you an opportunity to learn about how your child is participating in the daily routines of the classroom.

Learning begins with that morning meeting on the rug where the teacher share ideas about the day. Learning continues with small group, whole group and individual instruction in reading, writing, math, social studies and science.  Throughout, the teacher is observing, assessing and determining the next instructional steps for each learner.

For all of our learners, learning does not happen in a straight line.  The learning process is a complex one and there isn’t a child in the school who doesn’t have moments of struggle nor are there any who don’t experience moments of success.  At the same time, our wish for every child is that he or she is thriving in school.  It is for that reason that we take a moment in January and February to make sure that we (the school and the family) are doing all that we can for each of our students.  So, if you hear from us, please make a point of meeting with your child’s teacher.

January is also the month in which teachers are hard at work writing anecdotal progress reports.  Expect to receive a report by winter break.  This written document will be chock full of information.  Read it, keeping in mind that March will be the next opportunity for Parent Teacher Conferences.

As always, if you would like to talk about an area of concern, do email or give us a call.  Remember that teachers’ email addresses are either or if there are more than one of us with the same first name, the email address is  In other words, my address is while Amy’s address is

Let’s all of us make a new year’s resolution to pay close attention to each of the children so that we can be sure to do right by all of them.

All for now,


Quote of the Week:

Johanna was doing woodworking with 3 first graders from Tammy’s class. She began by saying,  “Let’s have a quick conference before we get started. Do you know what a conference is?”  Clementine Aymerich-Dentz responded “Oh, I know what a conference is.  That’s when you grownups sit around and talk about us kids.”

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