Coming Together to Learn and Be One

Dear Families:


It has only been three days, but already we feel ourselves coming together to learn and to be one in that learning process.  


Our kids are getting to know each other and their classmates.  Throughout these three days, hot as two of them might have been, we felt a sense of community and caring.  Edie Cooper, a second grader new to our school and in Amanda’s class, also felt that warmth. As she was lying in bed, she told her mom, “Mama, Amanda is so nice that I feel like I’m at home.”


Meanwhile in Janet and Bill’s first grade class, they celebrated Jacob Eugene and Avery Allen’s bears’ birthday.  They made banana bread as per Jacob’s request. Apparently, banana bread is his bear’s favorite. It was a special and important celebration: Watch the video here.


Of course, the first few days were spent outside as well as inside, with the first graders already settling into their farming work with Farmer Johanna.  Important work, indeed. While farming, first grader, Josiah Cabrera called his teacher, Tammy, over and excitedly exclaimed, “Tammy! Tammy! Look! The bees are looking for hector to make honey!”  


We hope these vignettes illustrate our BNS values, values, which are all about children, families, and educators being  honored, protected, and loved.


All for now,



Quote of the week:


Etta Eatman, a student in Janet and Bill’s first grade class was in the Poconos this weekend.  She and her mom were sitting near some older women with grey hair. Etta looked over and said, “Mom, look at all the Principals!”







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