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Dear Families:

As we begin our celebrations and curriculum shares, we also wanted to take a moment to explain the reason for the two non-attendance days in June – last week on Thursday and tomorrow, Tuesday.  

In addition to finishing up the year with the children, the staff are working our way through an extensive to do list, complete with paperwork, planning, and as well, lots and lots of cleaning, sorting and organizing of classrooms and stuff.  There is never enough time to complete these tasks especially when there is a goal to do this work well and to think deeply, both about this past school year and the next one.  

We are in awe of our teachers who do this work graciously and thoroughly, always with the desire to do what is right for kids.  

Last Thursday, we witnessed teachers sitting together on Zoom as they created new groups of students for next year’s classes.  Later, we heard from grade level teams about the power of their initial Zoom planning meetings.  As the teams of teachers change each year, we began  with a community building activity in which teachers shared their teaching philosophy and their reasons for being in the profession. We believe that this grounding is necessary as we prepare for a school year after a pandemic-school-year.  We have all been through (and are still going through) this life-changing event and this is why we take the time to reestablish why we teach.  

But it is not just talk and meetings that happen on these clerical days.  On Thursday, for example, our fifth grade teachers emptied out an entire closet as they worked towards further sorting and reviewing school books and materials.  Keep in mind that this year’s organization work is unusually extensive as it did not happen last year.  

Thank you as always for your support and commitment to BNS.  Your help and affirmation makes it possible for the teachers to keep going each and every day, working towards that slice of watermelon on June 25, an indication of the start of summer!

Anna, Diane & Malika 

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