Dear Families:


Normally, this is the week in which we celebrate our accomplishments and look towards the following school year with a missive introducing new colleagues and plans.  Unfortunately, we are unable to do that at this time because there is so much that we do not know.  We end the school year with a lack of knowledge of our budget and a lack of knowledge of what will be happening in the fall.  


All of these unknowns mean that we are unlikely to send our summer letter at the beginning of August as we usually do.  Do know that we will stay in touch and that we will communicate information about class placement and more towards the end of the summer.  We apologize for the anxiety that this may create, but we do not want to make plans that can or will not be implemented.


For this reason, it is imperative that you fill out the BNS Parent Survey.  This survey is similar to the one that the DOE sent out, but it was created by us and will be used as we plan for September.   We hope that we hear back from each and every one of you who have children in grades PK to 4.  


We have formed a committee to help us do the best thinking around the many questions related to reopening in the fall.  Please keep in mind as well that any decisions this committee makes will of course be in relation to directives from the DOE.


Despite all of the confusion, there is still a lot to celebrate.  Be sure to join us on Friday morning for our annual Watermelon Day.  We have created a Watermelon Day Padlet which will allow us to imagine that we are gathered in the Big Yard, enjoying some sweet juicy watermelon and more importantly, seeing each other.  Each grade level will have a chance to hang out in our large Zoom room (ie Big Yard) to say hello and goodbye.  


During the summer, resources will be provided at our BNS website:  www.bns146.org. Please be on the lookout for this and for emails from teachers inviting you to a variety of offerings.  Also, in partnership with the New York Public Library, the DOE has launched NYC Reads 365, a citywide program aimed at encouraging children to read by helping them find interesting high-quality books. Check this out if you are looking for reading content. 

May we also take the time to congratulate all; students, parents, teachers and educational assistants, for wowing us with incredible work, stamina, resilience, empathy and power.  Everybody made an effort and everybody did amazing work during the months of March, April, May and June.  And it was a lot of work too.  So much that we still need time to study the June Share Sites to explore, read and learn. We suspect that you need that time too.  Make this your summer homework and spend July and August learning from our children.  All you have to do is click on this link and explore!  


A warm congratulations to our BNS fifth grade class of 2020, the bravest and most resilient of human beings.  We will miss you and hope you will come visit whenever human touch is allowed again!


Lastly, take a moment to see our staff members remotely right here: The Brooklyn New School Staff.m4v and here:  BNS Staff to Student Dance.mp4


Happy Summer,


Anna and Diane


Quote of Week:


We share an email that we received from Lauren, mother of Max, a student in Mary Ann’s kindergarten class, and Ellis, who will start pre-K in the fall.  She writes, “Ellis was talking to Max about being scared to go to a new school for Pre-K next year. Max has spent a lot of time talking to him about the teddy bear curriculum – he named his bear Ellis 🙂 And Ellis said to me, ” Mommy I don’t have to be scared to go to a new school because I am going to get teddy bears. I get one in PreK and then I get another one in Kindergarten. I can give my bears lots of hugs and play with them.”  It genuinely made him smile, thinking about it, and he was no longer feeling scared when we talked about school next year.”

Keep those teddy bears in your lives throughout the summer!



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