Celebrate the work our children and teachers continue to do

Dear Families:

Before reading our weekly letter, take a moment to watch these two videos, from our homes to yours:

https://youtu.be/wYZWStji43c  and  https://youtu.be/d2RoFAMzZMw

Yesterday would have been our first day back from spring break.  Historically that has been a day in which teachers suddenly realize how little time is left and how much there is still to do.  Days run into weeks, weeks run into months and within minutes, it is time to celebrate a year of accomplishments.  


There is no doubt that this year will feel very different.  And while for some of us, time is flying by, for others, time appears to have stopped.  And yet through it all, our children are still growing and learning.  That is where you come in.  Whatever your circumstances are and we recognize that they are many, please take a moment to figure out how best to support your child during this period.  


In the upcoming weeks and months, our teachers will be meeting to plan rich curriculum, curriculum modified for this remote learning world in which we find ourselves.  Through it all, the emphasis will be on the social and emotional wellbeing of your children with the knowledge that opportunities for building and making and doing will continue to be prioritized.  


Please remember to attend the parent meetings, which will help to ground us in this new approach to teaching and learning.  Looking forward to seeing you via video.  Go to the [BNS146] PTA Newsletter below to find the link for these meetings.

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate all of our teachers who are making inspiring videos, videos that are working to approximate the in person teaching that we usually do.  Consider for example, Barbara’s video on static electricity:


Another  wonderful moment last week was when third grade students were visited virtually by Jennifer George, granddaughter of Rube Goldberg.  She extended the Rube Goldberg Bar of Soap Challenge (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDVl5zSyZsc) to all of us, of all ages, and talked a bit about her grandpa’s work.  She shared her favorite sculpture made by her grandpa, two penguins holding each other on a block of ice, in which he also sculpted their reflection.  


Last week too, lots of fun was had with José.  Please check out this video and enjoy.


We close with a celebration of the work that our children continue to do despite being in the remote world of learning.  This week we feature Rachel and Michael’s fifth grader, Roan Porter’s essay on Sugar, a book by Jewell Parker Rhodes.

All for now,


Anna and Diane 







Please check Konstella for links to our gatherings.


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