Black Lives Matter at School

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Dear Families:

BNS is committed to anti-oppressive, anti-racist, inclusive language and teaching that values all identities and supports student learning and understanding, both inside and outside of the classroom. This year, we are intentionally joining the nationwide movement for Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools Feb. 1st – Feb 5th. To this end, we will connect home and school around the BLM 13 guiding principles.  

As a school community, BNS teachers have approached conversations about race and social injustice more holistically throughout the school year and this will continue. In the wake of our country’s recent events and the murders that sparked the BLM movement, we are being more deliberate about these discussions. Black Lives Matter is currently in the news and most students are aware, to some degree, of this movement. Addressing this in the classroom is an important acknowledgement of a major current event.  Bringing issues of racial justice into the classroom not only affirms the identities of our students, but is crucial to fostering critical engagement with the world – regardless of where teachers, students and families stand on the issues.

Issues of equity and fairness in all aspects of all of our lives are a part of each of our classrooms.  Having students of all ages discuss and process these deep issues at their own level, using grade-appropriate materials, strengthens their critical thinking abilities, providing youngsters with the opportunity to be fully-engaged learners.

Too often, the messages about people of color center on struggle and hardship. Our hope is our entire BNS community fully engages in this week, which centers on Black joy. Our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) committee has compiled a plethora of resources for families to engage their children in conversation each day of the week.  Please partake in the conversation.

All for now,

Anna, Diane and Malika

Please watch this video from the BNS Band.  Percussion Teacher, Brian Shankar- Adler, led our percussion students in an original accompaniment to Amanda Gorman’s Inauguration Poem.  Enjoy! 

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