Big Ideas about our Little Devices

Dear Families:

Welcome to 2020.  As we enter into a new decade, we start the year with the monthly PTA meeting, scheduled for this Thursday after drop off.  This is a reminder that Thursday mornings are chock full of information for BNS families.  

This week the PTA will take a moment to look at technology, both technology in the classroom and technology at home.  It’s worth joining us for this discussion, given technology’s major role in all of our lives. We’ll start with your wonderings about the impact of technology at school and at home.  Your questions will guide us as we talk about ways in which technology can improve our lives and ways in which it hinders development. We’ll be joined by classroom teachers and our lower grade computer teacher and data specialist.  If you haven’t read this provocative piece by Jessica Powell from last Sunday’s New York Times, take a moment to do so.  Jessica speaks to the power and problems of our little devices.  We will continue this conversation on Thursday! See you then.  

The following Thursday, January 16th will also be an important morning for parents at BNS.  Our math coach, Shirley, and math intervention specialist, Beth, will share with you some big ideas of mathematics.  Come to school ready to be a student and open to relearning elementary school math. You will be glad you did.  

 All for now,



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