Be like Mr B

Dear Families:

From September until now, the fourth grade has been meeting three times a week with David, our music teacher.  José, our creative dramatics theatre teaching artist from Brooklyn Arts Exchange has been joining them two times a week.  And in the past couple of months, Donna our dance teacher from the Brooklyn Arts Exchange has been adding to their work with choreography and movement.  Together, these three dedicated individuals are supporting our fourth graders as they discover their own potential in song and theatre.  This year, too, they are learning about the powerful artist, Harry Belafonte.  

Join us Wednesday night to see the fruits of this experience.  With the influence of Mr Belafonte, the children are learning not only about singing and song, but also about the joy of self discovery in light of music, poetry and dance as well as the power of music to tell a story and effect change.  These children are discovering the sense of accomplishment that is felt when you get up on stage and perform in front of many.  And of course, they are relishing in the sheer delight of music and dance.    

This year’s musical, Be Like Mr B, has the added power of the mural placed behind it.  Many thanks to mural artist and BNS parent, Josh Sarantitis, for working with our fourth graders to create a remarkable image for the show.  If you haven’t seen it and can’t come to the musical, do try to take a peek when you stop by to visit the Third Grade Africa Museum and the Fifth Grade Maya Museum.  

We hear from many a graduate about how their interest in performance started back when they took to the stage during the fourth grade musical.  And we hear from many others about how the fourth grade musical enabled them to overcome their shyness and discover their voice.  The fourth grade musical is not just a show.  It is much more than that.  It is a vehicle for learning about the self and about each other.  It is through performing on stage with the use of a microphone that students develop a sense of agency.  This empowers them forever.  The musical represents years of work here at BNS, work devoted to the development of the child through all of the modalities.  Many thanks to the Brooklyn Arts Exchange for its years of service to the students of BNS.

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