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Dear Families:

We learned that New York City public schools would be going completely remote on Wednesday afternoon, November 18th.  

We immediately sent an email to families and informed our staff.  Shelley graciously came to school on Thursday to help teachers who were there to collect materials and other needed supplies.

And now we are remote.  We cross our fingers that the rate of positive COVID tests in New York City will go down as we continue to believe in the power of children being together.  And we are grateful that as of now, none of our in-person students have tested positive when randomly tested at school.  

We remind parents to sign the form for COVID testing, if you have not yet done so.  You can now submit the consent form for random in-school testing through your New York City School Account (NYCSA). If you need your account creation code, reach out to Amy with the subject “NYCSA” and please be patient, as she’s recently been flooded with requests.

  1. Login to your NYCSA.
  2. When you sign in, you will receive a pop-up message letting you know that you can now complete the consent form.
  3. Read more about Covid-19 testing on that page, then choose “consent” or “deny” for each of your students.
  4. Click “Update Now” at the bottom of the page.

Although we are home for now, let’s get those forms filled out as a way of keeping our community safe. 

As we enter our third day of all students learning from home, we hope that you and your children benefit from the crew/cohort plan.  Your children can continue to be with the trusted adults with whom they have formed relationships.  They can continue to learn together and collaborate as a team.  Obviously, for those who have been in the building, the change in routine may be difficult and frustrating.  Please communicate with both the teachers and us as we navigate this transition.

Let us hope that the holiday season allows us to be with family without spreading COVID.  May we see each other in person soon.

All for now,

Anna and Diane and Malika

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