All in a Week at BNS

Dear Families:

It’s been another busy week here at BNS.  As spring has finally sprung, our third graders are at Camp Speers Eljabar and we look forward to their return later this afternoon.


Tuesday, the day before third grade departed, our school was abuzz with visitors as we participated in our second Showcase Day.  Many thanks to Laurie and Malika, our Showcase Fellows, who helped to organize a robust experience during which our visitors saw outdoor learning, mindfulness, teddy bears, role playing, and inquiry in our classrooms.  Some of our teachers met with the visitors as did our fourth and fifth grade students, who told our guests all about our small group activities including the government club, the green club, the GSA, and our Conversations of Color group.

On Wednesday, we were visited again.  Teachers from other schools joined some of our fourth and fifth grade teachers as they met with Noelle Dean from Bank Street College to look at emotionally responsive practice in the upper grades.  We were also visited by six future principals, people who are each opening up new schools in September. Thanks to our fifth graders who toured them around the school.

All in a week at BNS,



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