A Theoretical Discussion

Dear Families:


Every morning at 8:09, I open up the doors of the  school to let the children come upstairs. This allows for moments in which I can chat with a few kids and sometimes learn from their wisdom.  The other day, Sora Faith Craig, a student in Amanda’s second grade, asked me if Diane (our assistant principal) would be the principal when I retire. Kids ask the darndest things.   We chatted for a bit and Sora reflected on the nature of my work and on Diane’s readiness for the position. She remarked, “Principals have a lot of responsibility and maybe even sometimes need to take the blame.”  I am not retiring so keep in mind this was a theoretical discussion only.


Later in the day at dismissal, Sora approached Diane and said, “So I hear when Anna is ready to retire and she’s not ready yet, you’re going to be the principal.  That’s a lot of responsibility.”


I am thinking that maybe Sora could do this job!


All for now,



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