A Range of Emotions

Dear Families:

On Saturday morning, Diane began the process of gathering materials to distribute to families.  To start, we began with the teddy bears for our youngest children in Pre-K and Kindergarten.  For now, we have a small team of parent volunteers set to connect with Diane to pick up bundles sorted by neighborhoods and begin porch delivery.  We will also drop some items into the mail.  This distribution will take quite a bit of time, but now that we know we will be in our homes for the remainder of the school year, we are starting with this first wave.  We will continue to send home learning materials in the coming weeks as we make our way through the grades.  

We ask for your patience as we work through this process.  If you would like to help with neighborhood distribution, email diane@bns146.org.  If you are staying somewhere other than your address on file, please email diane@bns146.org with that information, to help us get things to the right places.  If we don’t hear from you, we will try to coordinate delivery, and we will email you to confirm your address.

The building is eerily quiet and in a state of deep cleaning as our custodial team has been working through their checklists: sanitizing, spring break cleaning, and now, summer cleaning.   We are so appreciative of their continued hard work to prepare our building for the day we return. 

We are glad to have begun this process as we hold you and your children in our hearts. 

The gloomy weather is starting to seep into our homes, and we are all feeling a range of emotions as we try to maintain our connections and think ahead towards the days where we can see each other, walk through the halls and greet friends with a smile, or gather in the Big Yard and wave goodbye in the cafeteria, or as the buses turn off Rapelye Street at the end of the day.  

For now, we connect how we can, through our screens, sharing with one another.  Check out Susan and Karen’s weekly read aloud collection for some uplifting stories and familiar voices: BNS/BCS Library Weekly Read Alouds #3. (“The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away” is particularly fun for all ages!)  Also take a moment to listen closely to a story written by some of the children in Jennifer G’s Pre-K class.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwemtXFDxxc&feature=youtu.be

All for now,

Anna and Diane 



Please check Konstella for links to our gatherings.

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