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Dear Families:

As we sit at home on Memorial Day, we grieve for the almost 100,000 Americans we have lost to COVID-19.  It is a Memorial Day like no other.  Our city beaches are closed, open only for a walk  and a view.  Our stores are still closed.  Our restaurants shut.  Our spring routines have been upended and we struggle to normalize that, which is not normal.  

Despite this, our children and teachers keep working.  In some ways, they are working harder than ever as they grapple with a medium and a separation, which makes it difficult not only to learn, but also to connect.  

In the next few weeks, we will be counting down to summer and trying to bring closure to an unusual school year as we participate in our traditions, our curriculum shares, the fourth grade performance based assessments, and a remote fifth grade graduation.  Stay tuned so you can support your child in this last month of school.

Every Saturday in the month of May, we have been gathering materials from school that teachers felt would support the remaining weeks of remote learning.  These have been mailed and delivered to your homes.  We hope that the arrival of notebooks, handwriting books, and teddy bears has been comforting.

Of course, when some children no longer had a school schedule, they made their own:

Eva, from Amy’s pre-k class, knows exactly how to structure the day.  Eva has been busy at home.  She took it upon herself to create directions for garden work:

Second grader, Rumi, in Amanda’s class, was missing his bear.

We hope that he will be comforted when the bear arrives. But all is not amiss in Rumi’s home school land.   Consider his little sister, now intent on doing her work every day.    Here she is making ‘an obstacle with bridges’, inspired by Rumi’s Rube Goldberg machine building:

Three years ago, third grade teachers, Steve and Katherine, got a Fund for Teachers Grant to go to Morocco; Katherine arranged for them to have a workshop with a traditional artisan named Hamza who taught them to make Islamic geometric stars. Steve and Katherine came back and taught the other 3rd grade teachers and everybody taught their students.

Flash forward to the pandemic and remote learning.  Third grade teacher, Alex, came up with a way for kids to make the stars without the crucial tool of a compass. Katherine arranged for Hamza to visit a Zoom meeting last week and he demonstrated how to make the stars in a traditional way (and play the oud). Then the kids followed Alex’s instructions to make the remote learning version. Luckily, Hamza got to come back to see what the children had  made! (And kids were wearing clothing with stars!) 

Take a moment to see Katherine and  Nancy and Alex’s classes’s remote geometric stars:



We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour.  Consider it a preview of June Share, which will happen from June 12th until June 19th.  Looks like there will be lots to see.  

 All for now,
Anna and Diane

Quote of Week:

The DeAlva family went on a long (5-mile) walk around Cobble Hill,Carroll Gardens, and Red Hook, their first outing since the quarantine began.

At one point, they could see BNS – and its scaffolding – in the distance.  Carolyn, the mom, pointed 610 Henry Street out to the girls, and third grader, Lorelei, in Nancy and Alex’s class, stopped and said, “I wish I could be there.”


Dateline: complete Zoom addresses will be sent in Konstella or go to the website calendar:

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