A Few Stories to Start off the Year

Dear Families:

We begin with a few stories to start off the year:

The first was told to us by Christine Piccirillo, the music teacher at the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies.  Christine was flying home from Denver Colorado when her plane was significantly delayed. She was sitting in the airport wondering what to do when a girl who was traveling alone approached her.  The girl had noticed Christine’s BCS sweatshirt and she told Christine that she went to the other school in the same building, the Brooklyn New School. She had been dropped off at the airport by her aunt and like Christine, wasn’t sure what to do next.  Christine discussed the situation with her for a few moments and offered to help talk to airport personnel. The child responded that now that she knew what to do, she would be fine and that she would call her aunt and take it from there. Christine was impressed, both by the youngster’s approaching her in the first place, and by her calm resilience as she solved her problem.  We don’t know who this child was. Perhaps it was your daughter, but we do like to think that she learned some of that know how and can do here at BNS.

The second story is more of a happy announcement. Congratulations to Ed Kelly the Tech Support person here at BNS and BCS.  The Borough President’s office has just awarded the Maker Space $225,000, giving Ed the opportunity to make much needed improvements.

Lastly, we share another story of a BNS kid, this one, a graduate, Billy Griffith.  Billy is entering seventh grade and he recently ran into one of his fifth grade teachers, Nancy.  She asked him how he had liked sixth grade, after finishing the year.  He responded, “On the first day of school when you don’t know anybody, what you don’t think about is that the kid sitting next to you might be your friend in the future.”  

May we keep Billy’s words in mind as we embark on another school year.  

All for now,


Quote of the week:

Yesterday, Barbara, the science teacher, was walking in the hall with her granddaughter, Aubrey Taragan, a student in Rachael’s fifth grade.  Barbara asked Anna, “Anna, are you nervous about the first day?” Anna responded, “Not really,” causing Aubrey to interrupt, “That’s right. You don’t really have to do anything.”


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