The Wind Instruments were Masked as Well

Dear Families:

I wanted to take a moment to thank Sarah Ferholt, one of our music teachers, for her leadership.   Thanks also go to David Haiman and the other instrumental teachers.  Thanks too to the numerous parents who have helped to make the BNS Band possible.  The hard work has paid off, allowing our school to open up the world of instrumental music to many children.

This was very evident on Saturday, October 17th.  I am so pleased that that morning,  I was able to stop by the Nethermead in Prospect Park to hear some of our students playing.   As I was arriving, I could hear the sound of musicians warming up and readying themselves and their instruments.  When I got to the site, I found many children practicing with happy parents looking on.

Many of these students had not been together since March.  But it was evident that they had still been learning their instruments.  We had the pleasure of hearing guitar, violin, drums, trombone, flute, clarinet and of course the trumpets, which were led by Sarah.

Each child was wearing a mask.  By the way, the wind instruments were masked as well!

When it was time to start, Sarah welcomed the families and encouraged the students, pointing out how hard it was to play together while also being socially distant.

The concert began with a game entitled, “Music Machine”.  With a volunteer parent inviting each group of instruments to play, we heard the drums followed by the strings, and lastly, the wind instruments.  Many passersby stopped to listen, wowed by these young musicians.

From Hot Cross Buns to Lean on Me, the music was inspiring.

We also had the opportunity to hear each instrumental group play a piece that was special to them.  The flutes played, When the Saints Come Marching In, while the trombones played Kumbaya and the violins delighted us with Buffalo Girls.  Periodically, other instruments would join in the musical renditions.

The performance ended with more improv and with children playing enthusiastically.

As we enter year three of the BNS Band program, we can see what parental and teacher efforts have wrought.   I look forward to more music in the life of our school, and  can’t wait to hear the instruments on site.


All for now,


Anna and Diane and Malika


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