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Dear Families:

By now you have received the email from the Chancellor letting you know that we are in this for the long haul and that we will not be able to gather as a community until September.  The finality of these words are difficult and simultaneously confusing, given the mixed message from our mayor and our governor. But more importantly, we recognize the need for everyone to be safe and for the ‘flattening of the curve’.  

As we grapple with this long separation from 610 Henry Street, we take the time to think with our staff about programming and communication that makes sense for our students and their families.  We review our curriculum and try to figure out how to implement it without the messiness of 25 to 30 bodies in a room, with each one learning how to collaborate and share ideas. We will miss for example, the second grade bridge partnership and groups.  We will miss observing kids figuring out how to do things together and learning from each other.  

But make no mistake about it.  The kids will still be learning and with the power of the Internet, they can still learn together.  So in the next few weeks, our teachers will meet and plan and work to bring their ideas into your homes.  

There will also be time and a need to consider how this will impact next year and to thoughtfully decide what is best for all of us.  We know that September will be a September like no other and we want to be ready for it even though we understand that we can not always anticipate what will happen next.  

For this reason we will stay in touch: participating in PTA meetings and SLT meetings as well as grade level parent meetings, all with the goal of doing remote learning as best we can and of ultimately seeing you and your children again.

All for now,

Anna and Diane 

Anna and her grandson Diego practiced social distancing last weekend

Quotes, videos, and images of the week:

Free Range Hens: For Real

Johanna let the hens out of the coop.

“They were so good, they just followed me around the farm and went in when it was time.”

She added: “I can’t believe we have never done this before.”

Something to look forward to next time we farm together….

During Jennifer G’s Pre-K virtual class meeting,

Leyla Grieshober in Jennifer G’s pre-K had a suitcase out. 

Jennifer asked, “Where are you going, Leyla?”

Leyla responded,  “Well, I’m going on a pretend trip.”

Jennifer answered, “Where are you going on your pretend trip?”

Leyla replied, “I’ll know when I get there.”  

Jennifer decided that would be, “her mind set for this whole pandemic odyssey.”

Kori and Jenn send a morning question every day to their kindergarten students.  Some days the responses make them laugh out loud.  What a joy. Imagination lives on !

Yesterday their question was –

In our classroom, those tricky gnomes erased parts of the morning message.  Have you seen any gnomes at home? Are they being tricky? What are they doing?

Rae said- The gnomes at my house move my iPad at night while I am sleeping.  I think they like to watch the “gnomeo & Juliette” movie lol.

Lucas said- I have not seen any gnomes.  But I think the gnomes may have taken the remote to our TV.

Princess has seen them and luckily, she can speak gnome.

Esteban said –  Now I know who’s been taking my toys.

A video from David:  All I Really Need with Valerie and Marisol’s kindergarten class

From Fourth Grade:

Check out Luca’s Rube Goldberg machine

Austin working on his 3D map of New Amsterdam:

And, Emi’s writing from the first person point of view: an animal’s perspective:

Check out this Thank You created by 5th grader Roland during Library Time with Karen on a platform called Wixie:



Please check Konstella for links to our gatherings.

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