Listen to your children. They will make you wiser.

Dear Families:


Your children are the ones who inform us, teaching teachers  and all of you what is important. Two stories from last week illustrate this idea.  


AvaRue Tang, a child in Valerie and Marisol’s kindergarten class, was talking with her mother.  Mom asked, “AvaRue, how do you remember all the words to a song? I want to learn how to do that.”  AvaRue responded, “What do you mean?” Mom explained, “Like, the words in a song… I can’t remember them.” AvaRue understood, “Sometimes I just sit and wait for the music to get loud. You have to listen. Then I open my body like this. [she took her mom’s arms and spread them]. Then I let the music in my heart. [AvaRue moved mom’s hands over her heart]. This is how you remember the words.”  AvaRue’s mom responded, “That’s pretty amazing, AvaRue.” 


Upstairs in Amanda’s second grade class, Amanda was talking to her students about the Performance Based Assessments that the third graders would be doing that week.  Amanda started by asking if we took a lot of tests at BNS. She then asked the children how their teachers knew what they were learning.  Adia Kakudji responded, “You sit with us and talk with us while we are doing our work. You write down what we do and say. Then you know if we understand.”  


Listen to your children.  They will make you wiser.


All for now,


Anna and Diane






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