A Good Time Was Had By All

Dear Families:


On Saturday, BNS and BCS families came together to celebrate for our annual fall AppleFest.  Whether it was the music or the food, the crafts or the games, the dancing or the bouncing, the fire truck or the photos, or just plain being with friends, a good time was had by all.  

AppleFest came together because of a lot of people’s  hard work. Congratulations to the second grade families who spent many an hour organizing and planning and just plain moving and shaking to make this big day happen!  A special appreciation to parents Rebekah Cook-Mack and Candybelle Acevedo-Tavarez for taking charge!


Thank you to everyone who helped and to all who participated.  Thanks to Jaime Franklin for overseeing arts & crafts, Racquel Stewart who made sure we ate, George Davis who organized the games, and Brian Ferreira who recruited volunteers.  

Congratulations to the BCS students, parents, and staff who worked all day long.  

Thank you Barbara, Johanna, and the Green Committee for helping the day to be a sustainable one.  

And thank you to our custodian Mazda, for supporting the parents, for putting out all of the tables, and for cleaning cleaning cleaning.  


All for now,




Quote of the Week:

Last Tuesday  at Green Recess, Johanna encouraged Valerie and Marisol (Janet) ’s class to recreate the salt marsh using fabric and the big blocks. Robinson Phillips came up to his teachers  to tell them that he had made a water filtration center. He explained, “There are holes, it (water) goes down and down and there is a pipe. The water goes through it and it filters all the water so we can drink it.”





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