Estoy Buscando un Árbol

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Dear Families:

Second graders at Brooklyn New School participate in Carnegie Hall’s Musical Explorers program, getting to know six musicians who each represent a different musical genre from around the world.  These musicians are based in New York and students learn about the diverse cultures represented in our neighborhoods through their music. When students get to see the musicians whose music they’ve been studying, it’s like seeing a stage of rock stars.  In the most recent Musical Explorers concert on May 17, students sang and danced along to jazz vocal scat singing, Puerto Rican bomba and plena, and Brazilian samba and forró.   A highlight of the concert was when Pilar and Maraj (two second graders in Amy and Penina’s class) got on stage to improvise their own dance moves to the Puerto Rican bomba song “Estoy Buscando un Árbol”.  Fast forward to 18:30 to see them take the stage!

Music Explorers Spring 2019 Concert

Fifth graders also go to Carnegie Hall, participating in the Link Up program.  They learn a range of music to sing and play on the recorder, which they then “link up” with a professional orchestra and over 2,000 other students in Carnegie Hall’s main theater.  This year’s Link Up theme was The Orchestra Moves, highlighting how music moves us by evoking our emotional responses as well as moving our bodies to dance.

Seeing Pilar and Maraj responding to that music speaks for itself.

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