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Dear Families:


And so it begins.  Testing season is upon us with the ELA being administered on Tuesday and Wednesday and the math exam coming in May.  We do ask that everyone be quiet on the ground floor and stay away from the school yard so that the children who are testing can do so with one hundred percent concentration.  After all, most of these children haven’t seen a standardized test so this is different from anything else they have ever done in school.


On the second and third floor, it will be business as usual.  Teachers will continue to teach math, science, reading, writing, thinking, etc.  


As we think about standardized tests and the big debate about admission to the specialized high schools, we can’t help but wonder how folks became so confused about what a good education looks like.  Why just yesterday an op ed in the New York Times lamented the focus on performance as opposed to the exploration of passionate ideas. The authors’ point is well taken, applying not only to high schools, but also to the younger elementary years.

In the last two weeks, our school participated in a filming project for Showcase Schools. This will result in a six minute snapshot of the work that we do.  The filmmakers got to see kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade. They saw green recess, farming, a visit to the basement, science, math, and social studies.  They saw BNS teachers and students in action. After two days of intense work, Peter, the cameraman, said goodbye, telling us, “I was truly moved by this school.”





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