Giving Children What They Need in School

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Dear Families:

In case you missed it, we wanted to share a little about the January Parents As Learning Partners session.  The focus of this morning was around giving children what they need in school.

As you know, January and February are the months in which we communicate about student performance in school.  Teachers write anecdotal progress reports. As well, some parents receive letters asking for a meeting or occasionally expressing the concern about student readiness to go on to the next grade the following year.  

At our PLP session, we discussed what students look like when they are thriving or struggling in school.   We looked at general behavior, social and emotional stances as well as academic and learning behaviors. This chart captures ideas brainstormed by families.

We talked a little bit about the benchmarks in math, reading and writing and how students are assessed on these benchmarks.  There are expectations and standards at every grade level. When children are doing well, they are considered to be approaching, meeting or exceeding those standards.  But for some children, it’s just plain hard. It’s our work, along with yours, to figure out what we can do to give kids what they need.

During the Parents As Learning Partners morning, we talked about the many ways in which extra support and intervention is offered here at BNS.  In the classroom, there are accommodations such as special checklists, different texts, adult support, behavior support, assistive technology, and of course, communication between home and school.  Some children receive intervention outside of the classroom in a small group with a reading specialist. Some children are evaluated and then receive mandated services both within or out of the classroom.  

Remember if the work is hard at home, the work is probably hard at school.  Our goal is for every child to thrive in school. For some children, there needs to be a lot of support, and a variety of services for thriving to happen.  Let’s do everything we can to make learning the powerful equalizer that it is.

All for now,


Announcement From Amy and Penina’s Second Grade Class:

We finished adding up our numbers (it was a lot of math!) and we collected a total of 888 items of food!  Our goal was 500 – 600 so we surpassed our goal by quite a bit! Thank you to everyone!


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