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Dear Families:

A big shout out to Ann Marie and Shelley, as well as all of the BNS and BCS parents who came together to create a wonderful fun filled Apple Fest.  It didn’t matter that it was on Sunday. The day was perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Last Thursday  as a part of their study of water and the shore, Valerie and Marisol and Doug’s kindergarten classes went to Valentino Pier with Barbara, Johanna and Bill Fulbrecht.  This was an especially exciting opportunity as Valentino Pier is one of our go to sites.

This is where we participate in the Billion Oyster Project. What you ask is the Billion Oyster Project?  It is a human effort to bring the oyster back to our New York Harbor. Our upper grade students along with many high school students in the city have been working to make this happen.

The hope is that by 2035, one billion live oysters will be living around the Harbor, making New York  the oyster capital of the world. This project puts students at the center of the movement to restore oysters to New York City waters.

Our five year olds got to see what the Oyster Project was all about.  They also got to see the water near our school. They could see the boats in the harbor and life along the water edge.  

Josiah Miller, a child in Valerie and Marisol’s class kept pointing to a ferry boat picture on his tally sheet. He told Barbara that he wanted to go on the merry boat. Barbara, thinking that he was trying to say ‘ferry boat’, tried to help Josiah say, ‘effff’.  Josiah listened patiently and then said, “That’s right, Merry boat.”

Later on It clicked. Josiah wasn’t mispronouncing ferry. He meant the Mary boat as in the Queen Mary II Ocean Liner, which he had seen on the ride to Valentino Pier.

As Barbara tells us, “The lesson? Listening is 99% of teaching.”

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