Sustainability: green recess, farming and raising awareness

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Dear Families:

Last week’s letter featured a vignette from third grade recess. This week we highlight October’s Parents As Learning Partners session.  Parents As Learning Partners (PLP) occurs once a month on a Wednesday morning.  Unlike the weekly breakfasts, Parents As Learning Partners is not grade specific.   It is a way of sharing in more detail the rich curriculum here at BNS.

October’s session was dedicated to Sustainability.  We started in the Green Studio where parents listened as Diane talked about the history of Sustainability at BNS.  We recalled when Sustainability wasn’t even a concept on people’s minds and how gradually over time, the need for this curriculum became more prevalent and apparent.  

We told the story of parents and teachers who moved us from not talking about the problems of climate change to developing a program to raise awareness.  And we remembered the ways that individuals made things happen. Many thanks to Matt Sheehan for his vision and to Sen Chan for his hard work and construction of the Eco-Casita.  And of course a round of applause for Johanna and Barbara who have made that vision a daily reality.

Parents wandered out to the school yard where we saw kindergarten green recess, first grade farming and third grade drawing in action; all of this taking place in the school yard.  Parents got to observe kindergarten children cooking in the mud kitchen, playing imaginatively with fabric, building with hollow blocks and washing gardening gloves. It was an eye opening workshop.  

Put the next two sessions in your date book: November 7 when we will meet in the library so parents can learn more of what the library has to offer and December 5 when we will talk about early childhood literacy.  We will also have bonus workshops in the month of November on the 8th and 9th when we will focus on mathematics. (These sessions comes complete with a goody bag!)

Thanks to Maaike Bouwmeester for making a video of our workshop.  You can view it here.

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