“There is no exit door to our hearts”

Dear Families:


In a week full of curriculum and celebration from Viva Espanol to Ecorama to a GSA Town Meeting to a fifth grade dance presentation to Field Day, a final swim,  Coffey Park and a culminating graduation, how could we possibly do more?


But somehow we did.  On Monday, June 18th, our fifth grade students listened attentively as second graders told them all about their bridges.  This all happened because fifth grader, Ezra Tishkoff, thought it would be a great opportunity for fifth graders to be the panelists while second graders had their first shot at a performance based assessment process.  Who better to assess their work than ten year olds?


The fifth graders took this work seriously. In Nancy and Antoinette’s room, students brainstormed questions to ask, including “How do you think this bridge work will help you in third grade and beyond?” and “What was the biggest challenge you faced, and how did you work through it?”



After their conversations, these panelists had something to say:


“They did not say as much as they learned and they were never completely focused on what the questions were.”


“It seemed like this group worked well together, but some of the questions they should know and they didn’t.”


“I kept asking them questions and one would say something and the other would daze off.”


“It felt like I was a judge of Masterchef except it was Masterbridge.”


“Well it was like I was learning more about them than their project.”


“It wasn’t as serious as our PBA’s.  The students didn’t really tell us much, but it was way cooler than when I was in second grade.”



May you all have a wonderful summer,






Dear Families,


Thank you for a full, exciting year in the library. We hope you have some reading adventures planned whether you’re in Brooklyn or elsewhere. Take a look at our Summer Reading Lists on our Library webpage for some great reading suggestions! Have a great summer and see you in September.




Amanda, Susan, Karen (BNS/BCS Library)



Quote of the Week:

During the last morning meeting in Valerie and Marisol’s kindergarten class, we were talking about changes and how changes are part of life. We discussed that no matter where you will be next year (first grade, kindergarten or moving on to another school) you will always have a special place in our hearts. Then Knight Elson shared that, “There is no exit door to our hearts”.  And the rest of the class cheered him on. Then Levi Higgins added, “Yeah, there is only an entrance door”.



Check the website calendar as we get closer to September.


Aug 28: New (and Returning) Families Picnic, Prospect Park, 5-7pm



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