1st grade farm share and science night

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Dear Families:

On Thursday morning, the first grade hallway was transformed into a living, growing, tasting, singing farm.  Each classroom had its own individual flavor, representing the interests of that group of children.

Stepping into Abby and Sarah’s classroom, visitors tried salads and soups that featured plant parts and green vegetables. We also got to check out a root vegetable display to see some works of art: plant sculptures created by the students.   Before entering Bill’s room, we were guided to different stations.  At the compost station, we met red wiggler worms, working hard to make soil.  We saw students and parents looking closely into the lenses of microscopes, checking out plant cells up close.  Plant vocabulary was exhibited on the classroom walls and tables.  A clothesline display showed photos of students making their own paper from plant fibers.  In each room, we saw artwork made from handmade paper, and we saw the process of making that paper displayed.   We saw  buckets of fibers and screens  while we listened to students explaining the “pancake step” of flipping over a screen to produce a wet circle of fibers that would need to dry out before being used.

Entry to Jennifer and Aislinn’s classroom began with a stack of colorful tickets, which could be redeemed for a student-made coloring book, bookmark, baked goodies, a greeting card and student-created packets of seeds, ready for planting in the spring. Children at each station happily distributed these items, proud of their hard work.  The room was abuzz with pride.  Teachers, parents and students all glowed with the joy of the day, an entire morning dedicated to the importance of green and growing things, the plants that we use in our everyday lives, showcased by our six year olds.  With that, a chime rang out, and Aislinn invited families and students to the meeting area, where our music teacher, David, led the group in two songs, before making his way to the next first grade room to sing some more.

In Tammy’s classroom, the scent of a wide variety of food choices greeted visitors.  Children in this room really grabbed onto the idea of using vegetables in different ways to cook.  They served pesto pizza, lemonade, cookies made with fresh herbs and vegetables, popcorn, and other treats.  They also had copies of their cookbook available for their visitors.

The first grade farming share is an example of what happens when a thematic study is presented to a group of students with a wide range of what we call “entry points” – places within the study for kids to explore and follow their curiosity.  The variety of displays and treats across each classroom, the work shared, and the knowledge of the students showed the varied discoveries of these six year olds.  Their work in art and music with Paola and David , their work in the farm with Johanna, their science studies with Barbara, and their field trips all added to their wonderings, and for all of us, there was plenty to be learned.

 On Thursday evening, the fun and learning continued.  Join us in expressing congratulations and appreciation for another incredible Science Night.  The amazing Barbara Taragan, our Science Coordinator, organized an evening full of experiments, mixing, measuring, transformation and creation.  Thank you to all of the BNS adults who made this evening possible.

All for now,

Anna and Diane

Quotes  of the Week:

After Kori and Jenn’s kindergarten class cleaned up from indoor shore work time, (which had materials absolutely EVERYWHERE) Meitar Lantner remarked,”This was a good mess!” You know you’re having fun in Kindergarten if it’s messy.

A while back, Willa Hansen-Kohn, a third grader in Nancy and Alex’s class and  a frequent visitor to the school library, was overheard saying, “I wish I lived here.”   Then the other day, while sitting in nonfiction, looking at a book, she called out to a neighboring browser, “Isn’t this the best place in the world?”

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