Welcome to the Brooklyn New School

Our community thrives because of our commitment to community, progressive education practices and you! We hope you’ll find lots of reasons to get involved including having fun and meeting some great new people, not to mention to strengthen the school- parent- teacher- student relationships that are so vital to our school. Simply volunteer your time or donate money (for those who can).

Join the PTA

Did you know that every parent/guardian of a child who attends BNS is a member of the BNS PTA? You don’t have to join because you’re already an essential part of it. Learn more about how to get involved in the PTA.


Here are the ways you can stay informed about what’s going on at BNS!


PTA Newsletter. This comes out once per week on Sunday night and is chock full of important events, reminders and ways you can get involved in fundraising and community events. Make sure to check your promotions folder if you use gmail. You can see an archive of all PTA newsletters here.  


Konstella To help the BNS community stay on top of  events and activities, the PTA has rolled out a new communications platform called Konstella. This will provide one location for parents to stay informed about their children’s activities and school events. Parents will be able to follow and manage information for all their children at the school in one place using the website and app. View Parents Getting Started Guide and BNS usage guidelines for Konstella here. 


Backpack Mail. This is an important method of communication between you and your child’s teacher. Please make a habit of reading everything that comes home in your child’s folder on the same day it comes home. Fill out forms as soon as possible and send them back in right away. You can also send notes to your teacher via Backpack mail.


BNS Facebook page. This parent run FB page is a fun place to post events, comments and photos. Click here to join.


BNS Website. Our website is a great source of information. PTA newsletters and Diane's and Malika's weekly letters are posted on our BNS website. Check back frequently to see the latest happenings at our school. If you have suggestions for the website please contact


Contacting Teachers. All of our teachers have a school email account. You can contact them by emailing them  For most staff you just need to use the first name though some common names require first and last name. Amy Sumner’s email address is That’s because there’s more than one Amy here at the Brooklyn New School!


Please click here to read more about the BNS AfterSchool program.


Click here for information about bus routes and registration and guidelines for taking the bus.


Please keep all toys at home. No toys from home are allowed at school.

Any and all electronics, devices and toys must remain in the backpack until after dismissal.  We ask that your child not wear Smart Watches during the school day.

The use of electronics, cell phones, smart watches are not allowed during the school day. If a student has a device, it must remain out of sight in their backpack all day, including at lunch and recess, until after dismissal.  

If we see a device, we will confiscate it and call parents to come pick it up at the end of the day.  

If you need to communicate with your child, call the main office at 718-923-4750.

Progress Reporting

Learn more about Parent Teacher Conferences, Grading Policy and Progress Report Information


Please DO NOT double park around the school building at any time, not even for a minute.   Imagine if your car blocked the street when we needed an emergency vehicle?  Yesterday, drop off and dismissal were very dangerous because of the double parked cars – many of them unattended.  

If you are picking up by car give yourself enough time to park away from school.  There are plenty of meters on Court St.

    • Please do not park on the corner of Henry St & Rapelye, as the school buses need that space to turn on to Henry St.    


  • There is NO PARKING on Rapelye Street, where our buses drop off and pick up children.  We have 300 children who ride the bus every day.

Every year the critters make their way into the public school system. Generally they’re discovered as early as late September and disappear sometime in the spring. For more information on lice, please visit the Lice Guide 101 and the NYC Department of Education website.

Other things to know

Label Everything. It’s pretty remarkable how quickly the school’s Lost & Found fills up every month and how much of that stuff goes unclaimed and off to charity.  The school’s Lost & Found is in the Cafeteria.

Volunteering. If your schedule allows it, WONDERFUL. One of the Brooklyn New School’s huge strengths is parent involvement. Without it, our school suffers, especially in the face of recent budget cuts. There are many different ways to help, and there are quite a few things that don’t need to be accomplished during the school day. Read more about how you can get involved on the Volunteer page (and of course, keep reading the communications that come out on a regular basis for opportunities to get involved.)

BNS Curriculum Night. This is an important event that will take place around the second or third week into the school year. You don’t want to miss it.  Your teacher will be sharing with you what the school year will have in store for your little ones.  Curriculum Night is also when parents volunteer to be Class Parents (more here). Please book a babysitter – there will not be any childcare.

Emergency contact cards.  Fill out the blue cards you get asap. The cards will come from your teachers.  Keep these cards updated if your contact information changes during the year.  Blue cards are kept in the Main Office and the nurse’s office, room 105.

Annual income verification form (replaces school lunch form). Even though lunch is now free for all, one form must be filled out for every child every year whether or not the child will be eating school lunch, and whether or not your family is low income. This is mandated by the federal government, and the forms must be completed immediately.

The main entrance to the school located at Henry St. & 3rd Place should be kept clear at all times.

      • No scooters or strollers can be left in the entryway.  This is a fire department regulation.


    • Lock up your scooters and bikes to the bike racks on the sidewalks around our building, NOT to tree guards or fences.

Class contributions: If you prefer to pay for class contributions (e.g. 3rd or 4th grade camping or 2nd grade swim program) via PayPal, you can do so here.

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