Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Our Values

We believe in creating a school culture of belonging
We believe in building collaboration skills that build emotional intelligence
We believe in creating lifelong learners
We believe in cultivating curious minds
We believe in freedom of expression
We believe in healing and bringing cultures closer together
We believe in listening with pure intent 
We believe in equity and equality for all 
We believe that diversity is how we heal the world

Our Actions

Student wearing overalls with a heart on the front

LISTEN to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) and marginalized communities so that we have a true understanding of the varying needs 

Children standing in the play yard holding their arms out in welcome

SUPPORT ideas that are different and feel unconventional

Three students with their backs to the camera, with heads turned to face the camera

TRAIN our educators and parent community on anti-racist behaviors and language 

Two students building a fire starter with sticks

CREATE curricula, cohorts and student activities that expand minds and introduce our students to diversity 

2 students with "Last Night I had the Strangest Dream" t-shirts

Respect for all

Participate in All For One

Our Respect for All Liaison Is Joseph Klein (this link will open up your email server).  If you or your child has questions or concerns, you can speak with Joseph.

For more information about our curriculum, visit our Curriculum page.

Please join our fundraising efforts by clicking here to further our mission.

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