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ABOUT BNS AfterSchool

Since 2016, our AfterSchool Program has been led by Director Shalisha Jackson, a former BNS paraprofessional who has been part of the AfterSchool staff for six years. Shalisha can be reached Monday-Friday from 12pm-5:30 pm at 347-277-6579 or by email at


Each day, there is at least one licensed teacher on site. The staff also includes paraprofessionals who work with BNS children during the school day, experienced AfterSchool workers and BCS students who work as interns.

The AfterSchool program is available to all children who attend Brooklyn New School (grades Pre-K – 5). AfterSchool separates younger and older students into small groups, making the program more developmentally appropriate for all children. For all children, each afternoon will include snack, outdoor free play as well as quiet time for homework or choice time.


Each Fall, Winter and Spring the AfterSchool program offers workshops such as Capoeira, Modern School of Soccer, and Juegemos a Cantar, Camp Half Blood, Kaleidoscope Chorus, Music and Movement, Earth Living Skills and much more!


In 2016, an Advisory Board of parents and teachers formed to support and provide assistance to the AfterSchool program. If you’d like to join that group, which meets monthly, or have matters you’d like to bring to its attention, please email us at


Families can register for AfterSchool online.  Families may also register in person in room 108A with Shalisha, Monday-Friday from 12pm-5:30 pm.

  • FOR GRADES 1-5: The first day of AfterSchool will be the first day of school.
  •  FOR GRADES Pre-K and Kindergarten: The first day of AfterSchool will be a few days after school begins due to phase-in (check schedule for more information).

We encourage you to register before school begins. If you register at the start of the school year, your child will have to wait to begin AfterSchool until a week after school begins. The reason for this is to encourage advance registration in order to plan for the number of children and begin the school year with enough money for all the needed AfterSchool personnel.

Payment & Scholarships

See this document with everything you need to know about payment amounts, schedule and scholarship.

For more information, please contact Salisha ( or the AfterSchool Advisory committee (


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