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Beautiful Tapestry

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Dear Families, BNS has always existed as a reimagining of what public school can be. However, as a part of  the larger NYC school system, we acknowledge that we too can and have perpetuated...   Read More

Pass It On

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Dear Families: In this year, Anna’s last as principal, we have had many moments of reflection and many an opportunity for pause.  More than one person has commented on how sad it is that...   Read More

Resiliency and Flexibility

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Dear Families: We want to thank former parents, Takiema Bunche Smith and Amy Plattsmier for joining us yesterday at our third to fifth grade parent meeting on assessment and standardized testing.  Malika gave an...   Read More

Real Conversations

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Dear Families: As we return to school and to our BNS community, we want to express our solidarity with our Asian staff and families, as instances of anti-Asian hate and violence cross our news...   Read More

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